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Computer Classes

Segment 1 - Computer Essentials. Course Duration: 9 weeks @ 2 hours/week.

This course introduces students to the basic/intermediate features in Microsoft Windows XP. This course will teach the end-user necessary skills like using the mouse, working on the Desktop, using windows, and operating the Start menu and Taskbar. The course will also walk the students through Burning CD's/DVD's, printing documents, using system tools, and shutting down the computer. The course also includes lessons on customizing the Desktop using background colors, Web content, screen savers, and Desktop themes. Students will also gain an understanding of Windows` file system, including how to use Windows Explorer and file types as well as the use of word processing software. Students will also be given basic internet skills allowing them to learn to effectively search for information on the internet and browse websites using a variety of website browsers, Email. All skills will be taught using true-to-life scenarios, examples, review exercises, and concept graphics to help reinforce material presented.

Upon completion, students will exhibit strong skills in basic computer use enabling them to accomplish most at-home use tasks.

  • Course Cost: $180 Complete or $30/Evening.

  • Course Breakdown: 2 hours per day/evening X 9 weeks.

  • Section 1:

  • Night 1:
    Power-on / Power-off
    Developing Mouse Skills
    Selecting/Copying/Moving Desktop Icons
    Start Menu/Taskbar Use and Features
    Customizing Your Desktop
    Understanding Basic Computer Terminology (Ram, Hard Drive, CPU)

  • Night 2:
    Basic Understanding of Files, FileTypes and File System
    Navigating your windows based computer system using windows explorer
    Opening/Creating/Editing/Saving/Closing Files with Notepad
    Using Word Processing Software

  • Night 3:

    Using and creating CD's and DVD's
    Using audio/video software and creating play-lists
    Using Internet Explorer to browse and search
    Using web based email, learning how to attach files to email

  • Section 2:

    Night 4:
    Review Night 1 w/1 hour Lab Time

    Night 5:
    Review Night 2 w/1 hour lab Time

    Night 6:
    Review Night 3 w/1 hour Lab Time

  • Section 3:

    Night 7:
    Use of chat programs (MSN Live Messenger will be used)
    Customizing your chat experience
    Use of Microphone/Webcam during chat segments
    Sending files using chat program

    Night 8:
    Basic Networking (Basic use of Routers and Cables)
    Using Wireless Networking (Site Survey, Connecting to wireless networks)

    Night 9:
    Testing and Graduation

Understanding the course:

Students will dive right in during the first three nights and only take a breath on section 2 during review and lab time where the information learned in section 1 will become fused. Lab Time is for one hour and consists of using and practicing with the material learned on the given night and students can feel free to engage the instructor with questions and assistance. As noticed, review and lab time, instead of the following day would be on the following week. This is so that repetition is present but not overwhelm causing the information to be logged into long-term memory.

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