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Jolt Systems
109 Elm Street Suite S3
Sudbury Ontario
Phone: 1-800-943-2204
Email: sales@joltsystems.com
Website: https://www.joltsystems.com

Key Features

Have the easy ability to use your smartphone in ways that are similar to many other things you do daily to accomplish all your surveillance needs. Monitor from anywhere in the world where you have internet access, and many many more...

High Security

Most of our camera systems are fully automated and can detect the presence of a human being in any light, day or pitch black.

Full Device Protection

All cables and camera systems are either out of reach or as damage-proof as possible. Not to mention our 10-25 year inclusive warranty.

Remote Monitoring

We have the easy capability to provide complete smartphone integration, or be equipped with a viewing panel consisting of anything from a 7" tablet to multiple monitors.

Full Backup of Information

Along with the typical built-in storage, many packages offer optional cloud storage services at great rates.