About Us

About Jolt Systems

Jolt Systems has been in operation for 15 years in Sudbury Ontario Canada.

Prior to the advent of the Internet, we were involved in Software Development, now most software development is migrating onto the web in the form of websites and full web applications. We have been actively programming for the Internet since 1991 and programming for 30 years.

We have brought together the best and latest technologies in a cooperation with Intel Junky to develop the best and most inclusive website plans available anywhere in the world at 15% of the cost.

Our Features

We are the only complete end-to-end website company in the world. Our backbone Internet allows for unlimited traffic, and our Cloud System allows for unlimited storage space.

Domains & Emails

Just use our Domain Search to see if the domain you want is available. With our click and point system, follow the prompts and you will be up and running in no time. Our websites are 90% hand built for quality and personal identification with your website. Email can be accessed through our web portal with corroborative inner-organizational chat and calendar or (if the plan allows) You can use your own email software.

99.9% up-time Guarantee

We have 24 hour technical staff to ensure your website is just there when called upon. With our high-end, hybrid Servers and our desire to be the best we know that our service is different. We combine the best security and skill-set to complement our best in the industry hardware and cloud system to ensure your website is always available and working at peak efficiency!

Control Panel

Complete Control Panel where you can organize changes to your account or website in a very easy to understand User Interface. There are multiple options available, from organizing and designing your own website (for those with a higher degree of skill) and leaving all the heavy lifting to us as we design and develop the site of your dreams.

Complete SEO!

Each plan in our lineup offers increasingly more intense Search Engine Optimization bringing your customers right to your door. Everyone wants a higher Google ranking but SEO Companies Charge an arm and a leg. Our fees are blended into the package that you choose.

Complete end-to-end Service

Where do we come in? We enter this race from the starting line and fill every possible gap in between. From website concept and design to full development, domain name registration (www.yoursite.com), hosting (having a place on the web), maintenance, virus scanning, to bringing the customers to you with full SEO options (Search Engine Optimization). We also offer some award winning 3rd party add-ons like the Kopano Collaboration Suite that allows our customers to be in instant communication with their customers and employees, through video conferencing, to shared calendar and much more.

Clean & Easy To Use Control Panel

We have developed our own custom control panel for your comfort and ease of use. It allows for you to choose designs, make changes to your account or services and watch the workflow of development and any aspect of your account that you might wish to administer.

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At Jolt Systems, each customer is a platform of their own.

Angelo Cacciotti

We have been using Jolt Systems for all of our development and hosting needs. We have been for years, we don't need anyone else.


If there was no Jolt Systems, we may not have the web presence that we currently enjoy. They manage everything for us, expertly.

Sam Purpura

Jolt Systems put us onto the Internet world about 3 years ago, this has proven to bring our business out of the dark ages and put us on the map.